An intro?

Hello there,

It’s not my first time, I’ve had countless of blogs. Ok! I just lied there, I’ve had 5 blogs hehehe; first one I started because everyone was starting one- so FOMO anyone?

Now, the title! I am not good at introductions, I ramble a lot. But, before you click off and continue to live your life, hear me out. No, seriously just hear me out, pretty sure you can spare 2 minutes (5 if you are slow reader šŸ¤£). I created this space to share my thoughts, my loves, my dreams; and most of these things will consist of Christianity, motherhood, being a black woman (read African) living in the UK and my journey of entrepreneurship while being a single parent.

I initially wanted to introduce myself as a bubbly and wholesome person that the world paints most bloggers. Then I thought, that wouldn’t be me. I driven by coffee, green tea, Jesus and sarcasm. I hate pinterest, but love minimalism so you will not find #mumhacks on this space. What you will find is a glimpse of what’s in Wambui Kibira’s (that’s me if you read this far) brain.

My literature agent, HA! That’s a joke, I don’t have one….I’m a BLACK authoršŸ¤£. Anyways, I thought this would be a great way to creating memories with whoever is reading this blog with me. Let’s charter these memories of myself going from virtually unknown author to the next Chimamanda Adichie- oh there will be alot of references of her. If you stick around long enough you might be the lucky few who get to read my first novel.

So for now, the next four posts will of the four aspects that consists of who I am; Christianity, motherhood, an African woman and a single parent. Also, some articles will be poetry, short stories or like this one an essay.

So until next time,

Stay blessed, humbled and loved

Wambui Kibira

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