Why Christianity?

“For my Word is a double edged sword”

It will never be my intention to turn this blog about my faith, however it is a major part of me. With that being said, without being a walking cliche; my faith completes me. So I figured as much to explain why I chose Christianity. And I guess the only reason this is my “first” (this one doesn’t count) post, is that this topic is the most important part of me. If you desire to know and understand who the author of this blog is, then you must first know why I am a christian.

Of all the four major faiths, why did I find myself being a Christian? Well, the obvious and simple answer is that I grew up being a Christian. Bet let’s be honest, this answer isn’t enough in today’s growing understanding of faith and the freedom to practice.

Growing up, we were encouraged to go to church on Sunday and appear good. Especially growing up in Kenya, my first 9 years were all about our good works. This got you your good reputation; that if people saw you go to church on Sunday, all your bad deeds of that week were forgotten because you seem like a good person – a godly person.

To understand why I picked Christianity, the scriptures Colossians 1 all the way to chapter 4 will show why. But we focus on Colossians 1:13-14, “He has delivered us from the dominion of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins.” I love this verse, it reminds me that I don’t need to do “good deeds” to be loved or accepted by God. And for someone who battled depression and rejection, this is music to my ears. Knowing that God loved me first (1John 4:19) is enough to want to know and be known (Proverbs 1:23) by this Christian God. I know some people will be like “but you’re worshipping a European God”, and the truth is that was my first question to God. “Aren’t you (God) a European God?” “I want to worship the God my ancestors worshipped”. These were my early conversations with God, and God took me to a journey (Jeremiah 33:3), where I discovered that we created race. It was never God’s intention for us to be divided by race, and that God is an inclusive God. He does not care how you look like, He simply just wants to be known by your spirit man. Which has no gender, race, social statues, how well you’re educated or economic statues. It’s all the willingness to serve God wholly and obey His Word.

Being a Christian, is like entering a family that is close and have equal standing with everyone whether you’re new to the family or old (1 Peter 1:15) (Luke 15: 15-32). There is a sense of knowing, in Christ that you are a team; that the change that is happening in you and around you are team work. That with God you know “He will never leave or forsake you”. Christianity isn’t about rules and doing good deeds. Christianity is about belonging, knowing that you now know your identity is with Christ. No one can tell you who are because with Christ you already know your identity.

Until next time

Stay blessed, positive and encouraged.

Wambui xoxo

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