It’s spring time here in the UK, the sun is out almost everyday now and getting warmer. But today’s topic isn’t about the beautiful tree blossoms or the fresh brand-new daffodils. No, I want to share with you what rapper Nipsey Hussle’s passing has taught me. I wasn’t a big fan of his music, but I loved what he did for his community outside music. Nipsey had a passion for his community so much so he did something that most rappers didn’t do, he refused to move out of his neighbourhood so that he can rebuild it.

When writing this post, I struggled to get the words out; that and I wanted to respect his family and wait a week of two before I share with you what his passing has taught me. Like I earlier mentioned, I wasn’t a big fan of his (not in a bad way I still liked him); but it’s still sad to hear that 2 children are now without a father and a life partner (Lauren London) must now understand she’s left without her beloved. I cannot imagine being in his family’s shoes right now, but Nipsey left a legacy that his son and daughter will be proud of him when they’re old enough to know the story on how their father passed.

Nipsey’s passing taught me two things, the first find something you are willing to die for. For some it’s their children, their career or a family legacy. For me, it’s my craft; my talent is my calling. Since I was a child, I always wrote stories in my notebook, daydreamed the stories in my head. It wasn’t until I entered the big wide world of adulthood that I discovered this was what I was put on this earth to do. I was called to write, to be the C.S. Lewis of this generation, I was to shine my light in this industry. Just like how Nipsey used music to inspire and empower the younger generation; I want to do the same with my writing. I loved how, Nipsey never turned his back on his community. The way he started a business in the very same neighbourhood where he grew up and hiring the youths of his childhood community. I love that, you know the narrative; you grow up in a community where you feel has no opportunities. The moment you get your golden ticket out you disappear and the hope your little community had with you is quickly dashed away with the only suitcase you packed to leave it. Nipsey Hussle didn’t do that, he stayed and became that hope. This has resonated with me so much, not only do I want to inspire others through my writing/books; but I want to see my community change. I know that sounds like a big job for an aspiring author, but if I can do just one thing where I am at that moment. I will encourage others to follow suit; my only prayer for Nipsey’s community is not to give up his legacy and to take this opportunity to continue building the fallen neighbourhood he left behind.

However, there’s always a twist to your happy ending, and Nipsey had enemies that hated his vision and probably his success. What’s worse, he knew his enemy – worked with his enemy. This too taught me something that your enemies aren’t people you don’t know, they could even be your closet friends or worse an actual family member. Even Jesus dined with one of his enemies (Judas). But this didn’t stop both Jesus and Nipsey to live out their calling, their life missions. When you find that one thing you are prepared to die for, you will have haters. They will come from different areas of your life and will try to intimidate you from fulfilling those goals you have set for yourself. That enemy could even be so close to you, it could even be yourself.

The point I’m trying to make with this post, is that whatever you are fighting for; keep fighting. You may not see the outcome of the vision you have, but you will be start of it all.

So, what are you fighting for?

Until next time

Stay blessed, stay humble stay positive

Wambui Kibira

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