Why to simulate is to fail!

The beauty of standing out.

I struggled writing this article this week; why? I struggled with this, for the longest of times I thought I had to write what people wrote. When I decided to take up writing as a career, I was reading a lot of black literature and a lot of them were erotic 😄😛🙈. So, I naturally thought that’s what I should write since I am a Black writer and my books would fit the black literature genre. I quickly learned that I’m too shy to write erotic books. I have learned that when starting an author career, you need two things. The first grit, you need to have the ability of not giving up; you know the saying “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. The second, time; you need time to show off your writing style. Ernest Hemingway’s work is renowned for its plain and sparing use of language, so a fan of his will be able to tell if a book is his or a Dan Brown. You just simply know these authors because they keep writing and bringing out the same body of work.

So, as I keep writing on this blog every week, I hope that my writing style will be established. Allowing time to define how I write this early on in my writing career is most important, I don’t want (luck of a better word) get lost in sauce of the growing number of authors. I’d like to believe that as you read any of my books you know you are ready a “WAMBUI KIBIRA” book. I want to write books that inspire and encourage people, and of course the occasion bout of laughter with my books.

As you, the reader takes this journey with me. I want you to see the growth from these early days of writing to when I become the East African Chimamanda Adiche. I guess what I am trying to say is, I am not willing to simulate; because this is to fail.

Until next time,

Stay humbled, stay blessed and stay positive.



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