Burn out, is it a real thing?

Burn out, writer’s block, procrastination or the mouth full, stuck in a funk.  There is always a name for that feeling of not wanting to create. Of late I’ve been hearing these new buzz words going around, “burn out”. At first, I was what’s burning out? What causes this thing to burn out? How do you avoid this to happen? Then, I realised for the last 6 years I have experienced this “burn out”. Can I be honest with you? I believe it is not a real thing, no serious don’t go yet. Let me explain.

Burn out, to me is an excuse. Phew! So glad that’s out of my chest I feel lighter saying that.

No, serious. It is an excuse and, therefore.

So, you want to write that book but every time you turn on your laptop, computer and BLANK. Nothing comes out, no typing sounds, your notebook is still blank because you haven’t bothered to even jot down any ideas. Or you spend hours on YouTube watching amateur film makers recite their “exciting” lives for your entertainment (FYI I was being sarcastic). Telling yourself “I can do this”, so you buy the equipment to help you become the next Casey Nesitat; but they’re still sitting in the box which has only been opened once since delivery.

When the few people that know about your writing dream or YouTube dream ask you, “what happened to that book you were writing”? and “So how’s your YouTube channel going”? Seriously some of these questions that get asked. These are the questions that make you stay “burned out”, you panic and start thinking you will fail. As in, everyone is looking at me to write the next Harry Potter or become the next YouTube star.

I read somewhere (those “Limitless” moments) that George Orwell’s book 1984 was not a best-selling success when it initially came out. But it is now, imagine if George Orwell never bothered to write 1984. Or even release it to the public?

We now live at a time when you can virtually be a self-published anything. You can be the next George Lucas and release your awesome short film on YouTube- that’s how Issa Rae started out now look at her. Or your little book could be the next best seller.

You simply do not know where your efforts will take you if you never try. There’s a well-known story in the bible of Jesus walking on water, do you know that one of his disciples walked on water too? Yes, Peter he took the leap of faith when Christ called for him to join him on the water. Out of all the disciplines in the boat with him, he was the one that believed he could and now we still talk about the incredible thing that he did on that day.

Whatever you desire from your creations, it could be making things with your hand or even starting that book or YouTube channel. Stop giving yourself excuses and just do it. You seriously don’t know where your leap of faith will take you.

Oh, before I leave. Catch me on Instagram (wambui_kibira) I post my writing exercises there and you get to see my BTS of my life.

Until next week

Stay blessed, stay humbled and stay positive

Wambui xoxo

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