Why we should ALL create.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1:1

Its simple, we should all create because that’s what our creator does. He creates; take a child and its parent. The child will without the thought copy the parent, or whoever is around the child. If the parent is a carpenter, the child will become a carpenter; if the child is a lawyer then the child will most likely become a lawyer. It’s psychology, I think. But creating is part of us all, it’s what we are meant to do as humans.

From when we were children, the desire to create has already made shaped. From when we held our first crayon to having imaginary friends (if you have one of those growing up, you might be a writer).

Creating is innate; its part of us, and should be coming from our convictions from our beliefs to observations around our lives.

It’s also incarnational, this is how we are able to communicate our unfathomable reality/truths in words or pictures or sounds. Just like how God came down and became a man, He put the unfathomable, indescribable God into a human image.

It’s most definitely inspired, this is where our art is driven by what we see around us and ultimately this is God and His beauty manifesting into reality.

When we create it becomes iconoclastic. Art can leave an iconic mark on the world. But its important to use every aspect to create. You can love a particular genre of art but that doesn’t mean that you need to create for that genre solely. So, remember next time when you have a sudden urge to create.

Why are you creating? Is it to share what you’ve learned, heard or seen? Creating should be shared, you can not have a room full of books and imaginary characters talking in your head and not share what ‘they’re’ saying in a book. Or you can’t have so much emotions from something you’ve been through and overcome and not lay it all down on a canvas or beat. Maybe this is where mental illness comes to play, coming from depression; I had a ton of ideas but the negative thoughts overshadowed them to the point those ideas stayed inside my mind and died.

I found salvation in creating pieces that would emote what I was feeling. I stop listening to those negative thoughts and I just created and shared.

Creating becomes a release from the pressures of life. So, go out there guys and create. Let it all out and share what you created. Make sure you share it with me on instagram would love to see what you created.

Until next time stay positive, stay humbled, stay blessed

Wambui xoxo

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