Why I chose writing.

I wasn’t going to write anything this week. Then I thought about why I write, why I even started writing in the first books. At first I thought the answer will be because it has always been a dream of mine to write short stories for my peers.

Granted when I had this dream I was in fact 7 years old, so it was only natural to want to write for my peers now as an adult. But this decision for writing came after two children, and upon realising that my children do not have books with brown faces just like their’s.

So, it got me thinking how important it is for brown little faces like my children to see when reading books. I remember growing up all the books I read the lead characters were always portrayed as white and middle-class. This got me thinking about how damaging this was to myself and my peers; growing up to be bombarded by “smart, well adjusted teenagers” who always eventually knew what to do always being white. This made a little adolescent black teenager such as myself think that I can never be this well grounded and smart like these “white” characters I am always reading.

This brought so much memories of filling insecure about who I was and what the world thinks of. Now as a mother to two beautiful brown skinned children, I never want them to feel like this.

So this is why I chose writing, why I am aiming to fill the gap in the children’s book industry with more brown skin lead characters in our children’s books.

I hope you will help me to spread the love by sharing my stories with your children (brown or not) or anyone with children.

Until next time

Stay positive, stay humble, stay encouraged

Wambui Kibira

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