Let’s talk about it.

I have a son…a black son. Though he is only 2 years old watching this Netflix series pained my soul. I knew about this case back in 2016 when President πŸ™„ Donald Trump declared his interest in running for office. I remember being angry then, and when the words that I read 3 years ago became live; that anger came back. It’s been a week since the feature aired on Netflix and I’ve been crying since and even had nightmares if that was my son.

It seems dramatic and for some of you who choose to read my words, scary. But this is our reality, that one black boys will grow up in a society where they will be seen not only as thugs but as blood thirsty monsters who are only out to do harm than good. These are the same people who will quote Martin Luther King Jr’s famous “I had dream” speech, but not the ENTIRE speech- because I guarantee they wouldn’t quote the whole speech from start to finish. These are the same people that will blindly convince themselves that these 5 boys had something to do with the rape in question. They would refuse to accept that the evidence does not place the young innocent boys in the crime scene. That even a novice police detective new to his/her job would have found these 5 boys innocent.

What happened to these young boys 30 years ago, was sad and painfully unbelievably real. How the head of a rape detective unit went on a mob justice like witch hunt to find justice for the poor white woman. They were feed into an hungry pack of wolves, and because of their innocence they were pull apart into pieces by a justice system that does not care about them or their families. And to imagine that the prosecutor- Elizabeth Lederer, who praises herself as a highly intelligent, extremely detail oriented, superbly organized attorney. Most definitely saw that this boys were innocent. But she couldn’t lose, she wasn’t going to lose. So together with Linda Fairstein, decided that these young innocent boys were guilty and will make the little shred of evidence they have fit each and every glove for the boys wear. This was undoubtedly a witch hurt.

What makes it worse is how both women went on to have successful careers, Linda Fairstein a best selling author πŸ™„ and Elizabeth Lederer went on to become a Law lecturer. All while these boys were in prison serving time for a crime they didn’t commit and refuse to admit to.

What this case has taught me is how far society is willing to judge a person by their character. These boys came from good homes, but not the police, the prosecuting lawyers, the judge, the jury and the media saw that. What they saw were thugs, they made them to look like they hated white people and that’s why they raped the woman. All this because they possibly couldn’t be bothered to look for the rapist- which by the way confessed to the rape. But Linda and Elizabeth still to this day believe the boys were involved in the gruesome rape.

I fear I will have to teach my son that the world in which he was born in, does not favour his success and that he will have to work twice as hard and as fast as his white peers. And that the system he was born and bred in was never created for him or his sister. Just because a group of people think of you as a thug and no good, you must remember as long as you have breath every morning then God has a good good plan for you. Hold your head up, and rise above the hate and live the life your maker wants you to live. But also remember do not at any means necessary give racist people a reason to think you as a thug.

“Obama” πŸ˜†πŸ˜‰ their racial bais up.

Until next time,

Stay positive, stay humble, stay encouraged.

Wambui xoxo

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