If you haven’t seen the show that has everyone hooked on Netflix, then I invite you out of your rock and watch this brand-new reality brought you by Netflix.

I was hooked instantly; I feel in love with the concept of falling in love and getting engaged before even setting your eyes on the person. As a single woman, this is music to my ears, and as a BLACK single woman this is an orchestra to my ears serenading me to music pleasure. In simple terms I loved every episode and I’m not shy in admitting I watched again (four times).

Very rarely I learn from the shows I watch, so when I do, I ask myself “why”? Love is Blind has taught several things about myself and I would like to share with you those things, maybe the show has also taught you something about yourself.

  1. YOU NEED TO BE READY: (SPOILER ALERT) If you haven’t seen the finale, then you need to pause this watch it and come to this video and hear this. Both Amber Pike and Lauren Speed were ready for Matt Barnett and Cameron Hamilton, Lauren told her friends she had prayed for Cameron and Amber was ready to settle down after years of living just for herself. They were ready for the commitment of inviting someone else into their lives for good.
  2. Barnett and Cameron were both ready too: They both had their own places, although Barnett’s place was just a one bed property. Amber was happy to start life there and move on whenever the kids turned up. Cameron on the other hand had a whole 3 bed house; he was ready to be a husband and start a family. Guys, women want to see this- vision. Someone who has vision for the future, unlike the other three yes, they have jobs, but they never showed us their prospective homes. Where are you moving the girls guys? At least Mark was brave enough to show Jessica his flat share, but he shouldn’t have bothered. Really Mark? A flat share, will Jessica move in with you?  
  3. All connections were based on where each person was in life, if your vibe is just to have a good time chances are the “Barnetts” and “Camerons” are wasted on you. Why Mark and Jessica never got married because they both were not ready for marital commitment. They seemed to only want to have a good time, Giannina and Damien seemed ready, but were they?  They seemed they were well suited but needed more time in their relationship but Giannina was not ready to commit to such an adult relationship.
  4. STAY TRUE TO YOURSELF: Lauren and Amber were both true to who they were and got their men. So did the other ladies, but it both Lauren and Amber that taught me to accept who you are the way you are, and “your” person will accept you too. In simple terms, be yourself ALWAYS.
  5. PRAY FOR YOUR PERSON: It’s your person, that’s it. Cameron is for Lauren and Barnet is for Amber and vice vasa. You want to get married, pray for the person who will specifically fit into your life. I can honestly say I cannot handle Cameron’s affections or Barnet’s indecisiveness.

That’s its guys, the 5 lessons Love Is Blind has taught me. Hope you enjoyed this new format of videos; I’m trying something different on this channel.

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Until next time

Stay blessed, loved and favored

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