I took a break from writing, reading or listening about anything current. I hate that in 2020 we still have to say this. Those haunting two words Rosa Parks immoraltised, “I’m tired”; truth be told I am tired. I am tired of turning up, working double hard, dressing like I didn’t just commit crime, making sure constantly I speak “proper” (like what does that mean), I’m tired that I cannot even embrace my beautiful African culture and frame without someone calling me ghetto. But I am mostly tired for my son, at just 3 years he’s noticed who looks at him different. He’s realised the adults mummy’s age smile at him, the younger notice him with a smile but the older ones…they seem to despise him. I tell him “always hold your head up, never let anyone make you drop your crown”. That’s alot of information for a little boy to grasp, and I cannot believe I have to say those things to my children. I honestly thought I will have to wait til they were at least teenagers, when their identity is challenged. I guess this is the prize we have being blessed with melanin.

The point of this post, is a good one. I’ve seen the change that’s happening and I’m impressed. It’s given me a new sense of hope, that my children will eventually and finally grow up in a world where they are judged by the context of their character and not skin. Just like Martin Luther King Jr’s dream, that is my dream too; it would be nice for the world to fully appreciate children raised to love God and worship Him. I wouldn’t want my children to have to deny their God given personality (Jeremiah 1: 5) because people fear their exterior.

With the hopes to contribute in ending racism, I would love to share with you books that have helped me navigate my understanding on racism and how to be an anti-racist. But I would like to share a scripture that also helps me deal with racism. Which is found in 1Peter 4: 8 ESV “Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins”. So here are the 4 books I would recommend my white friends:

  1. How to Be less stupid About Race. By Crystal Marie Fleming
  2. Natives. By Akala
  3. Why I’m No Longer Talking to White people About race. (this one is a click bait title don’t let it put you off) By Reni Eddo- Lodge.
  4. How to be an Antiracist. By Ibram X. Kendi (this is next on my list I’ve soon great things about it so I’m excited to start it).

There you have it the 4 books I would recommend you to read if you are interested to understand more about race and racism. These books are on audible, it’s been a great source during these time because the last book is sold out everywhere. So Audible as been real convenient, with one credit I have a book for just £6.99 a month. By the way, this isn’t sponsered lol I just love audible.

Until next time,

Blessing and love

Wambui Kibira

P.S. Follow me on instagram thekingdommama and on Twitter @ElohimOwned

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