I hate talking about one thing, this topic gets alot of misunderstanding and I don’t enjoying sharing ideas or points about the topic. I’m talking about racism, this is a hot topic currently where people are being exposed for being a racist or people apologizing for being caught for being a racist. So please understand this is a touchy subject for me too, and the only reason I’m posting about this is because today marks the second #blackpoundday and people are pissed about. And I am equally pissed about their stupid egotistical reaction to it.

So this is my ted talks on the matter, enjoy.

If you don’t know by now, I’m of African decent and I grew up in Britain so I have all my life been told how I should think, look or behave. How that my African culture does not fit the narrative of Britishness, and I need to sound more British and less African, or my hair is too “nappy” to be seen out and the only way to solve this is to chemically straighten my hair. Or when you experience an injustice that clearly indicates that you’re late at the starting point because your peers have an unfair advantage, you’re told to deal with it and work harder. So you put your head down and do that, you work harder only to discover you’re still behind.

So when I learned about the #blackpoundday I was excited because finally, an aspiring author like myself can finally get the starting advantage that alot of my white peers have had. Then I see the ignorant tweets on twitter calling this great cause racist, what’s racist about it? That black people finally get one day to catch up to close in the large wealth divide? Or that on just one day, people who don’t normally shop at black owned businesses can have the opportunity to discover that these businesses even exist. What deeply sadden me was the fact people took this initiative from a beautiful cause into hateful one.

Black pound day is about finding out there is always an alternative to the other bakery, women’s clothes store, stationary or male’s grooming businesses. As a black person I constantly hear “black people need to do better to help they community”, and when we do its greeted with disapproval. It’s like they’re saying “how dear you improve your community without us”. Funny thing is, these businesses are not exclusive to just black customers. The main issue here is that black owned business are always over looked over white owned. What black pound day aim is to highlight those businesses that will be overlooked by white owned businesses and give them a chance.

I ask you to give to give non white businesses a chance, and if you can especially small (white and black) businesses. You are definitely helping grow a dream, bring wealth to family and eventually help grow a struggling community like the black community.

This has been my ted talks, thank you for reading it.

Love and light

Wambui Kibira

2 thoughts on “ITS JUST ONE DAY

  1. I live in America and ive never heard of black pound day! Thank you for explaining. I love the idea and i pray some people’s ignorance dont keep folks from participating. The revolution will be televised. 💪🏾✌🏾👍🏾


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