I hate talking about one thing, this topic gets alot of misunderstanding and I don’t enjoying sharing ideas or points about the topic. I’m talking about racism, this is a hot topic currently where people are being exposed for being a racist or people apologizing for being caught for being a racist. So please understandContinue reading “ITS JUST ONE DAY”


I’m planning on migrating my content from this blog to visual content, in the next 8 weeks I will be sharing videos of the that type of content on this space and after that I will stop uploading on this blog indefinitely. So please subscribe to the YouTube so you can continue to watch theContinue reading “THE START OF SOMETHING NEW”


I took a break from writing, reading or listening about anything current. I hate that in 2020 we still have to say this. Those haunting two words Rosa Parks immoraltised, “I’m tired”; truth be told I am tired. I am tired of turning up, working double hard, dressing like I didn’t just commit crime, makingContinue reading “IS MY SON NEXT.”


I’ve been meaning to open this blog to video content, videos that have calming content. Calming enough to mediate on and you can also learn from, so today’s the day I introduce you to a video a few months ago. ENJOY! Until next time, stay blessed loved and highly favored.


If you haven’t seen the show that has everyone hooked on Netflix, then I invite you out of your rock and watch this brand-new reality brought you by Netflix. I was hooked instantly; I feel in love with the concept of falling in love and getting engaged before even setting your eyes on the person.Continue reading “LESSONS LEARNED FROM NETFLIX SHOW “LOVE IS BLIND”.”

Let’s talk about it.

I have a son…a black son. Though he is only 2 years old watching this Netflix series pained my soul. I knew about this case back in 2016 when President 🙄 Donald Trump declared his interest in running for office. I remember being angry then, and when the words that I read 3 years agoContinue reading “Let’s talk about it.”