I took a break from writing, reading or listening about anything current. I hate that in 2020 we still have to say this. Those haunting two words Rosa Parks immoraltised, “I’m tired”; truth be told I am tired. I am tired of turning up, working double hard, dressing like I didn’t just commit crime, makingContinue reading “IS MY SON NEXT.”

Why we should ALL create.

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1:1 Its simple, we should all create because that’s what our creator does. He creates; take a child and its parent. The child will without the thought copy the parent, or whoever is around the child. If the parent is a carpenter, the childContinue reading “Why we should ALL create.”

The problem with gender neutral.

I am probably the one who feels the need to speak about this topic even more so; I have a daughter and a son. And if you don’t know what gender-neutral parenting is, well its when two loving parents try to raise their “seed” without the confinement of gender stereotypes. For the record, I likeContinue reading “The problem with gender neutral.”

Burn out, is it a real thing?

Burn out, writer’s block, procrastination or the mouth full, stuck in a funk.  There is always a name for that feeling of not wanting to create. Of late I’ve been hearing these new buzz words going around, “burn out”. At first, I was what’s burning out? What causes this thing to burn out? How doContinue reading “Burn out, is it a real thing?”

Why Christianity?

It will never be my intention to turn this blog about my faith, however it is a major part of me. With that being said, without being a walking cliche; my faith completes me. So I figured as much to explain why I chose Christianity. And I guess the only reason this is my “first”Continue reading “Why Christianity?”

An intro?

Hello there, It’s not my first time, I’ve had countless of blogs. Ok! I just lied there, I’ve had 5 blogs hehehe; first one I started because everyone was starting one- so FOMO anyone? Now, the title! I am not good at introductions, I ramble a lot. But, before you click off and continue toContinue reading “An intro?”